Hoffbrau Steaks New Years Resolutions – “Who Says you can’t lose weight eating at a Steakhouse?”

Who says you can’t lose weight eating at a Steakhouse That’s a bold claim to make, but Hoffbrau Steaks has proven it to be a fact. Catering to the needs of ALL their customers, Hoffbrau Steaks has developed a reputation of not only serving great steaks, but of building menus that are friendly to a variety of diets and lifestyle choices from Gluten Free to Vegetarian. The past several months they have had the pleasure of seeing a regular customer not only make a huge lifestyle change, but to continue frequenting Hoffbrau Steaks on a regular basis.

Sue, or “Ms. Sweet Potato” as the Hoffbrau Steaks team affectionately calls her, has battled her weight for most of her life. Her doctor was concerned and warned her that her blood sugar readings were dangerously high.  Sue was not to be undone, and knew she could make the changes but how could she do it right with the holiday season coming up. No time of year is easy to hear that news, but the holidays bring food, family traditions, recipes, and treats that aren’t easy to avoid. Sue immediately started investigating how to loose weight and stay content.

The sweet potato kept popping up in her investigations, and soon became her best friend, providing not only great taste, but also important nutrients and vitamins she was missing. Sue was elated, and fell in love with the versatile and delicious root vegetable that let her “go out to eat and still feel like she was getting a great meal.” Since Sue is not just a regular customer, frequenting the Granbury location up to 5 days a week, she worked diligently with the Hoffbrau Steaks staff to find the right fit. Not only did it work, she literally lost a lot of weight eating Steak and a Sweet Potato.

The best part of this entire story is that over the last 100 days, and during the holiday season, Sue has lost 3 pant and shirt sizes, and a total of 35 lbs. According to Sue, one of Hoffbrau Steaks favorite fans, this is all entirely possible. Sue has a few tips that make it easy. She says “Skip the butter, Go light on bread, No sweets, and eat more sweet potatoes!” Sue is not cavalier about her attitude toward her favorite things, and wanted to share her victory with others to encourage good eating habits and a great start to a New Year! When we recently asked her why she loved Hoffbrau Steaks, she said, “I enjoy the people, they make me feel at home (5 days a week)…I’ve eaten so many great Hoffbrau Steaks! Who says you can’t lose weight eating at a steakhouse!” To try Sue’s specialty of Steak and Sweet Potato, ask for the Sue Special the next time you visit. We look forward to seeing “Ms Sweet Potato” in the New Year, and will keep you updated here on the Dallas West End Blog about her continued success…. To learn more about Hoffbrau Steaks specialized menus, please visit their website (www.hoffbrausteaks.com), or call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff. The Hoffbrau Steaks team makes it their business to know the menu options and how to make it work for you.


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