West End hears good news as Texas Supreme Court reinstates Dallas’ case against TCI West End Inc.

By Marla on Market Street

In an exciting buzz started last week in the Dallas West End when reporter Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News announced that the Texas Supreme court will indeed be reinstating the case against TCI West End Inc., the developers who created a stir and sadness when they secretly tore down the historic Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad depot in the Historic Dallas West End. To catch you up, the razing happened nine years ago, a with nearly five years since a jury found the building’s owners guilty of fraud, and two years since the Fifth Court of Appeals tossed the jury’s verdict that included paying the city $750,000. The DMN reports that “the Texas Supreme Court strongly disagrees with the court of appeals, and is kicking the case back to the court, where Dallas city attorneys and TCI will once again argue over how TCI skirted the city’s historic preservation ordinance by filing a demolition permit that said nothing about tearing down a 90-year-old building that once stood at Ross Avenue and Market Street.”

There have been many discussions and let downs over the years in this case, and many folks are excited to see this case brought back to light. I will keep you up on the details as they become available but for now it’s a small start towards a victory. Everyone in the district is excited to see the case come to a happy conclusion, whatever that may be. I for one cannot help but love every single piece of history in the district. Buildings dont have to come down to become a part of the new face of a city. History and the future can come together and created something unique and interesting. Lets work together to see that happen.

~ Marla Watson, Publicist 


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