Wild Bill host Czech Minister’s wife as she visits the Historic West End

Everyone loves Wild Bill’s Western Store and the word travels around the world! The store has hosted many dignitaries over the years, and last week was honored to have Madame Olga Sobotka, wife of Czech Republic Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, visit Wild Bill’s and experience some of the Texas Friendly Spirit that Bill and his entire staff are famous for. Wild Bill Dewbre has been a fixture in the West End for almost 50 years, and is the official ambassador for the City of Dallas. His spirited love of the West End draws visitors from around the world every single day. This particular visit was a whirlwind, including a pre-visit from the Secret Service to interview Bill and his team before the arrival. Wild Bill is used to this type of pre-production as he has hosted many of the worlds most important dignitaries including Presidents, Kings and high profile celebrities. Wild Bill greeted Mrs. Sobotka and her staff for a wonderful visit that included shopping at the store, and exploring the West End Historic District.

In case you didnt know it, Texas (from Dallas to Austin) has the largest Czech population outside of the country. Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the Czech Republic being a non-communist republic. The Prime Minister and his staff were in town to celebrate not only the anniversary of the country, but to visit West, Texas an commemorate a statue in honor of those lost in the explosion last year. For more information about Wild Bill’s Western visit www.wildbillswesternstore.com.


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