YO Steakhouse is part of the Steak (R)evolution…

We LOVE our steak in Texas, but we especially love telling folks that our steaks are the very best. The new documentary Steak (R)evolution by director Franck Ribiere and his favorite butcher, Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec delves into the love of steak and take their quest across the world  to find the secret “farm to fork” formula that creates the greatest steak in the world. We know first hand in Dallas what a great steak tastes like, but Franck judges each piece of meat the he tries according to its texture, taste, aroma, and the overall pleasure he experienced while eating it. What he found was that steak tasted differently in every country. Each country’s steak had a different background story – from the breed of the cow the steak is from, to what they are fed, the type of cut, and cooking methods – all the way down to how much fat is measured in each steak.

Although most steak lovers are unable to spend two years traveling the world to find the best steak, a delicious steak dinner is always just an online reservation away at YO Ranch Steakhouse. Each of their steaks are hand cut in house, then expertly seasoned, cooked to perfection, and served alongside succulent sides to satisfy every taste and appetite. We invite all steak enthusiasts, including Franck Ribiere and Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, to come enjoy what has been declared “one of the nation’s finest steakhouses” by Jim O’Connor of the Food Network. #behindeverybrickliesastory #YOSteaksAreGreatSteaks



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